Thursday, 25 October 2012

Final blog post - Finished film and presentation and 24 hour film

Finished my film and here is some images of my film at my presentation. I also have completed two sketchbooks one of Research and one of Development with also my two little book experiments. 

Heres the finished film with credits.

We also were put into groups for a 24 hour group film project and I went and added the DJCAD logo on at the end for posting on the web. Been in three films somehow since I started university dunno how it even happened but oh what fun it has been?!

Hope you enjoy and I hope assessment in December goes well.
Lets go on to the next project now! #

Friday, 19 October 2012

Development - Sound, props and sketchbooks

Since my last post I have finished my film and had my critique in class it was on the 9/10/12 and have been mostly resting and reviewing what else I need to do for the project. I still have to annotate my sketchbooks somemore and do some finishing up blog posts and upload my finished film. But that will be the next things to do and I'll try to get that sorted before we start our new project next week.

I'm still unsure if to create a space and have a projection of my film somewhere in the university as I'm still waiting on feedback from my Leacturer incase I need to make any changes.

But I'll touch on some things I've been doing and parts of the project I've not explained fully or propperly so much yet.


(Audacity screen shot of my work)

Doing sound for the project I created my own sound by flicking book pages and using ambiance of indoors and myself walking for the first parts of my film.

For creating the sounds of inside the book I collected lots of sound samples from free sources and then edit them and put them together using Audacity. It's been very interesting and rewarding using sound it does completely change a mood to a piece or what you want to potray. From the collected sounds I made places that were'nt real become real with just adding the imagery of my film and the sound together.

 (Some of the sounds collected)

Would play my film on slightly lower quality on my laptop (cause laptop wasnt strong enough for the film) and then would have audacity open next to it and count the seconds in which would correspond to where I wanted the sound to come in. This way I had the tracks ready made and imported the files lastly into my film with Final Cut Pro. With some slight editing was all that was needed by cutting and some fades and overlapping.

I created atmospheres for each 'realm' that when my character enters the book and when they travel to each story/fairytale/genre and made general sound clips and imagery that I wanted the viewer to be able to relate to. Sound clips where created for a happy fairy like forest world and sounds where created for a midevil town being attacked by a dragon and then finally a haunted castle that is suspose to be quite scary.

Felt that sound made for the film added a lot to telling the story and creating the experience of a reader/viewer interacting with a fairytale. That it transformed the mood of each 'place' very well and its just what it needed since their is lot of transition from place to place.


For the film I ended up using quite a few props to also give each 'realm' that little extra touch of showing my character becoming different personas and representations of each place. This was to potray the idea that of how stories and fairytales when we read books we can relate or find ourselves so imersed in what were imagining we are in these places and that our senses can be effected by our imaginations. 


These were the books I made to experiment with media and also was miniture versions of what the final piece was in mind from the start. The book with the door ended up becoming the key image and its used to represent the entrance to the other world and I used some stop motion animation overlay for the film of it.

 (Princess tiara and fairy wand ha ha)
 This was for the fiary realm and I changed my clothes to also add to the mood and transition for the finished film.

This was armor I made as a prop for the 'adventure realm' part of my film its made quite rough but its because it made from a dominos pizza box and taped together. It also has pages stuck of some of the books I've had to destroy to create work for the film which is a subtle touch of the juxtaposition of the reader and then inside the book.

 (Sword and sheild and then the mini dragons I got for as part of the Midevil town. The dragon was used as a slight stop motion and overlay.)

 (Really ugly bat toy and spider web table cloth)

I used these props as overlays for the final part of the film which was a haunted castle their was slight stop motion and overlay of the bat. I did quite a few stop motion experiments but the bat prop ended becoming the best one to use in the end. This part of the film required me changing into a sort of victorian outfit which also represents how books can be in any time or place be it real or not.
I felt that with the power of sound, my background illustrations, props and costume changes with some slight acting that I was able to potray this idea effectively. 

(all props apart from the cardboard sheild and books were courtesy of poundland ha ha)


Sketchbooks have been coming on slowly but surely been adding bits and bobs over time to them especially my development sketchbook. I've been adding on the other artists and tecnhniques that researched more recently and looked into.

Showing the progression in stages and media experiments of the book and how I got to the finished result and how it all added to each other to create the film.

They still need annotation and some more adding to finish them up but then they should be ready for assessment and I'll have my film uploaded shortly as well. Till then hopefully feedback will have been sent out by then to see if theirs any more work to be done.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Research - Green screening

General run down of what Green Screen is

Green screen technology is the basis of the effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single coloured backdrop (blue or green is often used) Pinnacle Studio allows you to make that colour transparent - replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.

With green screen, it's simple to superimpose anything or anyone into any shot. You can transport yourself to the moon, appear in your favourite film, or make a presentation along with all the relevant facts and figures...
You can use any single colour, flat object as a screen.

If your backdrop doesn't go to the edges of your frame, add a picture-in-picture effect and use the cropping sliders to remove the unwanted edges of the screen.
Controls: The Chroma key controls can be a little daunting if you've never used then before, but you should go through them pretty much in the order they appear. Start by selecting the colour with the eyedropper. Then move the colour tolerance up until most of your background vanishes. Next, use the saturation minimum control to tidy up the key - so that everything in the background is removed. Use the softness control to adjust the strength of the background image (bringing it down just a little preserves the shadows on your backdrop if you want them). The transparency slider fades out your foreground image and the Spill Suppression control acts on the edges of your objects, removing any green fringes or hues that can appear 
on complicated edges or semi-transparent objects.

                                                                           (Sin city)

Gonna leave this post with this. hahahahahaha!

Development - Filming, Green screening and software

It's been a busy busy time indeed! Since I lasted Blogged I shot the footage needed for my short film about my utopian book. I to use my own green frabric for green screening and effects since their has been restrictions to Green screen facilities. Some of my classmates helped me a great deal to help shoot the footage and I appreciate it very much! We spent the whole day pretty much filming and had fun a long the way. 

I brought props and costume changes all will be revealed when the film is done! I also took the footage to an editing suite and got the film off of the camera, I used a tape camera so I have digital and tape copies of the film.

For the next two days and a half I spent trying to get Premiere pro working on my computer in the flat due to illness and so I could work in my own personal space. I finally got it working on the Wednesday night but then the file format was to much for my computer to play because of the HD quality and made the footage choppy. So today booked out an editing suite and spent most of the day editing my film together and adding the Green Screen effects. I have never did Green screen effects before or use much of Final Cut Pro or Macs so I must say its been quite challenging but a learning experience.

I have watched some tutorials that have helped a lot with getting the effects needed. Been using and experimenting with the Chroma Key but I'm a novice but its been interesting.

I dont know its so bizarre looking seeing myself in my own drawings ha ha! Wanted to get the feel of the book and keep that sort of illustration quality and represent the general view of different genres in literature. 
I have my doubts about how I've created this project and the effects I've used. Suspose still learning the software, cameras, effects and how demanding video editing can be.

The next step is to create the sound for the final piece, collected quite a lot of free sound clips from youtube and as well creating my own sounds. Will be working on this next as well as continuing to work on sketchbooks and somemore blog posts before the crit.

I made a list to help keep track of things a bit.